Midnight Blue Brick Tiles
Krause Emperor brick blend
Krause Red Blue bricks and brick tiles
Krause Smoke Grey Bricks
Ash Grey brick tiles
Petersen bricks, D91 handcrafted bricks
Krause bricks, Old Melbourne Town bricks
Petersen Kolumba bricks, K44, K47,K49 bricks
Rustic Red brick tiles
Brick Facing Tiles
Krause Bricks, Old Melbourne Town, locally made bricks
Petersen Cover C54, handmade shingles
Brick tiles, Midnight Blue
Brick tiles, Antico Casale Cotto
Krause bricks, Ghost, handcrafted bricks
Brick tiles, custom floor tiles
Krause Smoke Grey Bricks
Brick tiles, Midnight Blue
Krause bricks, Ghost/Grey, locally made
Petersen D71 handcrafted bricks
Brick tiles, Rustic Tan
Brick tiles, Rustic Red, locally made
Brick tiles, Red Blue, Australian made
Glazed curved bricks
Petersen bricks, K55 and F55 bricks
Krause bricks, Red Blue
Krause bricks, Ghost, handcrafted
Charcoal, terracotta and speckled bl
Petersen D71 bricks
Petersen D71 bricks
Petersen bricks
Facing tiles, Midnight Blue
Petersen bricks, D48 bricks
Porcelain tiles, flooring tiles
Krause Emperor bricks, Grampian Blue
Petersen Cover C54, handmade shingles
Krause bricks, Old Melbourne Town bricks
Petersen D71 bricks
Krause bricks, Grey/Ghost
Petersen K91 bricks
Brick tiles, Ash Grey, smooth pressed
Krause Emperor bricks, Autumn
Petersen D71 bricks
Brick tiles, Ash Grey
Petersen D91 handcrafted bricks
Smooth pressed brick tile blend
Glazed bricks, curved
Ash Grey brick tiles
Porcelain tiles
Krause Grampian Blue bricks
Petersen Kolumba K55 handmade bricks
Midnight Blue brick tiles
Petersen bricks
Petersen Kolumba Bricks
Black Glazed thin brick tiles
Petersen Kolumba bricks, K55
Krause Emperor bricks, Grampian Blue
Brick facing tiles, Midnight Blue
Petersen Kolumba bricks, K91 handmade bricks
Krause Emperor bricks, Grampian Blue
Facing tiles
Petersen Kolumba bricks
Brick facings, Rustic Red
Petersen Kolumba bricks, K55
Facing tiles, Midnight Blue
Petersen D91bricks, handcrafted
Krause bricks, Grampian Blue
Petersen D91 bricks, handcrafted
Petersen D72 bricks
Glazed bricks
Petersen bricks, D76 and Petersen D58 bricks
Glazed bricks
Krause bricks, Red Blue
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When you think of Robertson's Building Products, think innovative, exceptional design solutions. Our products enrich and invigorate your projects with their unconventional and contrasting textures, and their countless colours and special sizes, helping you to achieve state of the art designs.

Brick tiles
Petersen bricks Australia
Krause bricks
Glazed European bricks
Natural stone
Concrete veneer
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Robertson's Building Products provides innovative, customised wall and floor solutions to help architects, designers, builders and homeowners meet the challenges of the built environment.


Our founder, Peter Robertson, was previously owner and manager of the highly regarded and very successful Daniel Robertson Bricks for over 20 years. Backed by nearly 160 years’ experience in the Australian building products industry, Peter saw a real need for innovative products that contribute exceptional solutions to contemporary building design ideas.


What sets us apart is the unique nature, breadth and quality of the products we supply, their flexibility to adapt to your project’s requirements, and the personalised service and proven expertise we bring to develop the best solution for you.


And, our product range keeps growing. We’re continuously developing existing products, like thin brick facing tiles and local bricks, and sourcing new ones, both locally and internationally.


So get inspired and call Robertson's Building Products today on +613 8199 9599. Work with us and we’ll become your design partner.

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Natural colour and texture variations

As you'd expect in a natural product, our bricks and brick facing tiles / brick slips do vary in colour and texture, and from batch to batch. That's what makes them so unique. So while you can use our product images as a general indication to initially choose the colour, texture and look you prefer, we recommend talking to us to see current samples and mockups of our bricks and facing tiles in our showroom. Better still, have a look at one of our finished projects in your area before making your final decision.

Brick tiles, Antico Casale Cotto

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