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Innovative thin brick solutions 

Who: Robertson Façade Systems offers an efficient brick inlay system, driven by innovation and a love of clever design.


What: Our system provides you with a quick and cost-effective way of decorating interior or exterior concrete walls to create contemporary, spectacular finishes. Whether you’re after a traditional brick look, stone or a textured effect, our brick inlay system is the perfect solution.


How: By laying thin bricks or stone of varying sizes into precast concrete (brick inlay) you can quickly achieve the look and feel of a traditional brick, stone or texturised wall. 


Why: You'll enjoy all the efficiencies of precast concrete – reduced cost and installation time, easier site management and an innovative, contemporary wall solution. Plus, we help you maximise design impact and minimise installation time and cost.  And, you’ll get a stand-out result that turns heads, every time.

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