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Robertson's Building Products provides innovative, customised wall and floor solutions to help architects, designers, builders and homeowners meet the challenges of the built environment.


Our founder, Peter Robertson, was until recently owner and manager of the highly regarded and successful Daniel Robertson Bricks for over 20 years. Backed by nearly 160 years’ experience in the Australian building products industry, Peter saw a real need for innovative products that contribute exceptional solutions to contemporary building design ideas.


What sets us apart is the unique nature, breadth and quality of the products we supply, their flexibility to adapt to your project’s requirements, and the personalised service and proven expertise we bring to develop the best solution for you.


Our unique clay, stone and glass bricks and brick facing tiles, and concrete veneers enrich and invigorate your projects with their unconventional and contrasting textures, and countless special colours and sizes, helping you achieve to state of the art designs.


And, our product range keeps growing. We’re continuously developing existing products and sourcing new bricks and thin brick tiles, both locally and internationally.


So get inspired and call Robertsons today on +613 8199 9599. Work with us and we’ll become your design partner.


Petersen D91 bricks at Sunset House
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