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Petersen Tegl is a Danish brickworks that manufactures and sells bricks and clinkers that are renowned for quality and excellent craftsmanship. Many of its products are custom made for special projects, where work is carried out in close co-operation with architects or construction clients.


Robertson's Building Products is proud to be the sole Australian and New Zealand distributor for these truly unique and outstanding products. Petersen bricks come in an extensive range of colours, sizes and textures.  Visit Petersen's website today to see for yourself.

Handmade Petersen Kolumba™ bricks

Petersen Danish bricks

Handmade Petersen Cover™

Need help choosing a Petersen brick colour or brick configuration?

Petersen Tegl has a great online tool that's a one-stop-shop for choosing the right brick size and colour, as well as the specific mortar colour, width and type that's best suited to your project.

It's called the Petersen Brick Study.

Click on the image below and let the Petersen Brick Study do all the hard work for you. 


The Petersen Brick Study helps you play around with, and choose, the right brick: 

  • size and colour

  • bond

  • mortar colour

  • joint profile.

It even lets you remove dark bricks and shuffle bricks around.

So get inspired today, and have some fun while you do.

Get inspired and find out what's happening at Petersen Tegl

Custom making bricks gives you greater freedom and creativity in your designs. Download Petersen's Custom Bricks and see 47 projects that use bricks in special formats, colours or glazes.


As much of Petersen's standard product range is 100% handmade, it's possible to comply with special requests. So, open the image to see the incredible results you will achieve.  


Get inspired and make your next project sing. Download Brick Inside by clicking on the image below.


59 enticing ways to create inviting spaces and distinctive elements in rooms, with a breathtaking range of internal brick and tile designs. 

Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 2.09.49 pm.png

Read the Petersen magazine 

Petersen provides in depth coverage of Petersen projects, bi-annually. You can read it in two ways:


Digital version: Read it online–including all back copies.


Hard copy: A free, printed version delivered to your door in the post. To subscribe, fill out the form below providing your postal address (please scroll down and complete all fields).

Quality, handmade Danish bricks

Petersen brick projects in Australia


Please click on the PDF documents below to browse through our current Petersen projects in Australia.


Petersen K91, D91 bricks

Petersen K55 bricks

Petersen K51 bricks

Petersen K44, K47, K49 bricks

Petersen D71, K71 bricks

Petersen D72 bricks

Petersen K58, D58, FF58 bricks

Petersen Cover

Petersen D48 bricks

Petersen D99 bricks

Petersen D34 bricks

Petersen D76 bricks

Petersen D92 bricks

Petersen brick combinations

Petersen D51, D71, D2, D98 bricks
Petersen D47, D48 bricks
Petersen D91, D55 bricks
Petersen K44, D47, K49 bricks