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Krause bricks

Robertson's Building Products offers a wide selection of quality, locally-made Krause Bricks, a highly differentiated boutique brick product, including wire-cut and pressed bricks ranging from vivid reds and blues, to earthy warm tones. Manufactured using traditional methods, such as down-draught batch kilns, there are colour and size variations between the bricks within a batch. So, no two bricks are the same, giving them unique artisan handmade qualities.

Krause Emperor bricks

Krause standard bricks

Krause custom blend bricks

Quality locally-made Krause bricks

Krause brick projects

Please click on the PDF documents below to browse through our current Krause projects.

Krause Ghost bricks

Krause Smoke Grey bricks

Krause Cream bricks

Krause Old Melbourne Town bricks

Krause Grampian Blue bricks

Krause Custom bricks and brick blends

Krause Red Blue bricks

Krause Mid Blend bricks

Krause Autumn bricks

Krause Jarrah bricks

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