If you’re seeking a cost effective and simple alternative to using traditional ‘cast in place’ concrete for your next building project, look no further than concrete veneers. 


Robertson’s Building Products offers lightweight, fibre reinforced concrete veneers suitable for internal and external applications. It's designer concrete that combines age-old methods with innovative technologies to produce a high performing and versatile product.  

Concrete veneer finishes

Our veneers look like real concrete, because they are real concrete, offering its durability, strength and raw natural beauty. But with concrete veneer, you can create designer concrete by choosing from a range of finishes to suit your project's needs and bring it to life:


Wood textured with natural variations in pigment. Every piece is original, so there is no repeat patterning, creating an authentic look.

1800 x 150 x 12mm


A distinctively beautiful concrete surface showcasing the porosity and patina you would find in naturally aged concrete.

1200 x 900 x 15mm

405 x 900 x 15mm


A subtle wood texture and 'tie holes'  emulating the holes remaining after wooden forms and steel rod supports are removed from 'cast in' projects.

1200 x 900 x 15mm


Veneers tailored to the exact size, shape, texture and colour requirements of your internal or external building project.

Why choose concrete veneer?

Select concrete veneer for your next building project and enjoy many advantages:

  • Time and money saving – it’s easy to install with no complicated fasteners, clipping systems or specialty tools required for installation.

  • Unique designs – every piece is an original, so there is no repeat pattern

  • Durable and low maintenance

  • Versatile – being well suited to both residential and commercial uses

  • Consistent quality and finish

  • No need for additional foundation support

  • Room for installation

  • Fire resistant - it’s non-combustible.

Where can you use concrete veneer?

Concrete veneer is suitable for a wide variety of end uses, including:

  • Interior walls

  • Exterior walls

  • Fireplaces

  • Feature walls

  • Splash backs

  • Showers.

Board Form Concrete Veneers

Concrete veneer projects

Industrial Concrete Veneer
Industrial Concrete Veneer

1219 mm x 914mm x 15mm Photos courtesy Ayla Christman

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Pitted Concrete Veneer
Pitted Concrete Veneer

406mm x 914mm x 15mm Images courtesy Chad Holder

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Concrete Veneer Tiles
Concrete Veneer Tiles

Scale Tiles Images Courtesy Phil Crozier

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Board Form Concrete Veneer
Board Form Concrete Veneer

Photos courtesy Robert J Shroeder Photography

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Custom Concrete Veneer
Custom Concrete Veneer

Lightweight block concrete tiles in two sizes used as a feature wall Images courtesy Jamie Hyatt

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Custom Concrete Veneer Desk
Custom Concrete Veneer Desk

Custom Concrete Hostess Desk Images courtesy Jamie Hyatt

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