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Our brick facing tiles, also known as bricks slips, are perfect as a unique and durable paving solution.  All you have to do is select the colour you'd like and we'll custom make the blend to your requirements. Our Rustic brick tiles are locally made and a popular choice, wth their natural colours and unique contrasting textures. 

Smooth pressed brick tile paving projects

Natural colour and texture variations

As you'd expect in a natural product, our thin brick facing tiles / brick slips do vary in colour and texutre, and from batch to batch. That's what makes them so unique. So, we recommend using the images on our website to initially choose the colour, texture and look you prefer, then talk to us to see samples or come and visit our showroom to see mockups. Better still, have a look at one of our finished thin brick facing tile projects in your area before making your final decision. 

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