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Porcelain stoneware offers a highly versatile, high performance paving solution enabling you to create safe and practical flooring designs. Fusing a combination of raw materials (sand, quartz, fledspars, kaolin, clay and natural colourants) into a single material and firing it at temperatures above 1230 degrees celcius, produces a paver with exceptional hardness, practically no absorption capabilities, and unmatched mechanical characteristics.


Available in a range of colours, sizes, thicknesses and finishes, our porcelain paving can be used as an indoor our outdoor flooring solution. 


Why choose porcelain stoneware?

Porcelain stoneware delivers unrivalled technical performance with pure style. Plus porcelain paving is resistant to:

  • Chemicals - porcelain stoneware is resistant to acids, chemical agents, salt and verdigris

  • Stains - irritants like mould, oil, moss and dark smudges can't saturate the porcelain so it retains its aesthetic appeal

  • Loads - it's so strong that every slab can withstand loads of over 1000kg

  • Thermal Shock - it's frost free and fire resistant, as its properties remain unaltered between -50 degrees and 60 degrees celcius.

  • Slip - its structured surface means it's slip resistant so safe and can be used for wet and dry areas.

What's more, porcelain paving is easy to:

  • Clean - it needs no special or seasonal treatment to protect it from staining, and is simply cleaned with a pressure washer

  • Remove - it's completely removable, serviceable and reusable (unless applied with adhesives), as the outdoor solutions slabs weigh 17kg each. 

Where can porcelain paving be used?

You can use porcelain stoneware in residential, commercial and public settings, in wet or dry areas, and even on intense foot and heavy traffic flooring, as they are exceptionally durable. The pavers can be used on terraces, stairways, paths, gardens, driveways, benches, walls, patios, swimming pools, garden stepping stones, indoor living room or bathroom flooring, street furnishing and commercial applications.

Most importantly, each piece is easily and simply put together by any professional tradesperson, without the need for a tiler. They can be set with adhesive, or on sand, gravel, grass, pedestals or using an innovative e-deck system. Plus, the tiles come in two thicknesses, 10mm and 20mm offering greater durability and increased installation solutions. In fact, the two surface finishes for indoor and outdoor use allow for continuity of floor surfacing between your lounge room, terrace and garden. 

Porcelain stoneware range 

You can choose which finish and colour of porcelain paving best suits your setting - whether it's a stone, wood, concrete or metal look that you're seeking. And, each piece is unique, compete with knots, veining and nuances to bring a genuine touch to any setting, giving the appearance of having been marked by the passage of time.

Porcelain stoneware special trims

You'll enjoy uncompromising style and comfort to your outdoor paving setting. The UNICO double sided special trim can be used as a step or pool coping, as one side has a rounded edge and the other a square edge. 

Porcelain stoneware laying options

You can choose from a variety of laying systems to suit the needs of your paving project.

Installing porcelain stoneware using e-deck

Used for wooden porcelain stoneware finishes, e-deck is a system of raised flooring designed for the 200 x 1200mm and 300 x 1200,, sizes. It's a durable decking solution that requires no annual surface maintenance and guarantees easy routine cleaning of the surface, making it ideal for residential and commercial uses, such as restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs. The e-deck system uses height adjustable polypropylene supports, strengthened aluminium joists, and spacers that define a 4mm gap between porcelain stoneware slabs. The benefit to you is that it's durable, fast to fit and stable.

Installing porcelain paving using e-base

The e-base system is a new innovation. It’s a raised flooring system that’s fast to fit and is equipped with a loadbearing structure in polypropylene that, when laid with porcelain stoneware, meets maximum safety standards even in the event of breakage, without needing any reinforcement system on the back of the porcelain slabs. What’s more, it has height adjustable supports to overcome differences in the level of the screed, guaranteeing an end result that delivers a completely flat and stable walking surface. 

Watch this porcelain stoneware video to see how easy it is to install

Porcelain stoneware paving projects

Natural colour and texture variations

As you'd expect in a natural product, our thin brick facing tiles / brick slips do vary in colour and texutre, and from batch to batch. That's what makes them so unique. So, we recommend using the images on our website to initially choose the colour, texture and look you prefer, then talk to us to see samples or come and visit our showroom to see mockups. Better still, have a look at one of our finished thin brick facing tile projects in your area before making your final decision. 

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