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A building products innovator, Robertson's Building Products works in partnership with architects, designers, builders and homeowners, transforming their visions into practical, high quality, award-winning designs, and creating leading edge projects in their field.

Creating unique, contemporary designs using custom bricks and brick facing tiles 

At Robertson's Building Products one size never fits all. Whatever your needs we will source and supply the best solution to meet them. This may be matching previously manufactured bricks, new bricks, brick tiles, textured clay pavers, stone facing tiles, textured or glazed clay tiles, or custom made bricks and brick slips.

Using our unique products, your project will be an innovation: it won't look like anything else on the street, but will become the leader others seek to follow.

Becoming your partner in design

For us, each project presents an exciting opportunity to find a clever way of using our brick, thin brick tile and stone facing products to make an impact and present your designs as individual pieces of art.

Just think of Robertson's Building Products as your partner in design: our approach is collaborative, considered and open, driven by a love of good design. We listen carefully, understand your needs and use our proven industry expertise to make it easy for you to find the best solution.

It's like-minded, creative people working together with diverse, yet complementary skills and experience. 

Get inspired and let us be your partner in design. Call Robertson's Building Products today on +613 8199 9599.

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