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Petersen Kolumba bricks bring warmth and texture to this magnificent house in Malvern

The unique, hand crafted Petersen bricks have once again worked their charm on this stunning renovation in Malvern, Victoria, proving the perfect choice of material for the front fence as well as paving for the gate entrance.

The owners always wanted something different for the front entrance of their house; something that would make a tremendous statement. Fortunately their architect, David Neil, Director of Neil Architecture, immediately knew the perfect solution. Having used Petersen bricks in previous projects David is a huge fan, “We just love them,” he says.

And, as you can see, the Petersen KolumbaTM K55 handmade bricks perfectly offset the zinc cladding and render, used on the front of the house, bringing warmth and texture to the design. The owners are extremely happy that they chose the Petersen bricks because they give a finished touch to the project and they're really high quality. They also set the whole design of the house in context and provide a very interesting transition into the house.

When the owners first saw the Petersen brick samples they thought that they looked really beautiful. So David Neil used them in part of the front fence and laid flat as pavers at the gate entrance. Just imagine walking through the gate and walking on the Petersen bricks laid flat on the ground, seeing the individual thumb prints on this hand made product. It makes it a very enjoyable, tactile experience. It really is a special and unique product.

All in all, the use of Petersen bricks has provided a very successful combination for this amazing new home in Malvern, delivering an end result that has left both the architect and home owners exceptionally happy.

Product: Petersen K55 bricks, 528 x 108 x 37mm

Photography: Hilary Bradford

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