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Two different looks create one striking result for Kiehl stores across Australia

Two Kiehl stores have recently undergone a significant face lift, selecting Robertson's Building Products' rustic thin brick tiles to adorn the walls of its retail outlets. It's a great example of how one brick tile product can be used to create two completely different outcomes, both perfectly suited to their target market and end use.

Kiehl's Chadstone store in Victoria selected a Robertson's Building Products rustic blend to adorn its walls. The combination of tan/red rustic brick facing tiles (using 75% tan and 25% red brick tiles) has created a brilliant effect that contrasts against the black facade at the shop entrance.

While inside the store, this attractive tan/red rustic blend creates a warm, welcoming and casual atmosphere for customers.

On the Gold Coast at Broadbeach, the Kiehl store at Pacific Fair shopping centre has created a completely different result. The use of a white wash on top of Robertson's red rustic brick facing tiles has created a clean and fresh look for the store. And, as you can see from the images below, it's simply stunning.

The good news is, Kiehl stores keep coming back for more. Kiel's new store in Ringwood, at Eastland Shopping Centre, is under construction and set to open in November. So watch this space to see exactly which combination of Robertson's Building Products' brick facing tiles and finish the popular retail outlet chooses to 'wow' its customers this time.

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