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Robertson's red pressed tiles create a supremely superb result in Brisbane

It's not only discerning local coffee drinkers and passers by who stop at Coffee Supreme in the fabulous new location in Wolloongabba, Brisbane. Anyone with an eye for clever design will be taking a quick peek, too.

Adorning the countertop walls, as well as the floor, are Robertson's Building Products' pressed red brick facing tiles.

Their versatility as both a wall and floor solution, and their clean, fresh look make them a popular choice among many of our customers.

And the results are particularly impressive. The owners of Coffee Supreme in Wolloongabba certainly think so, too.

If you'd like to use our pressed red brick facing tiles on your next building project, call Robertson's Building Products today on (03) 8199 9599. We'd love to hear from you.

Product: Pressed red thin brick tiles

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