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An exquisite building constructed using Petersen’s Kolumba receives the 2016 UK Brick Award

One again, Petersen bricks are helping architects and builders alike to win awards for the projects in which they are used. Case in point being The Turnmill Building, designed by Piercy & Company, which received the sought after Brick Award in November last year.

The Brick Development Association in the UK presents the Brick Award each year to celebrate brick in every aspect of design and construction. The 2016 awards, hosted in London saw The Turnmill Building (described in Petersen no. 32) receive the award in two categories: 'Best International & Worldwide Project' and 'Specialist Brickwork Contractor of the Year.' Swift Brickwork Contractor Ltd, the construction company for the building was the happy award recipient.

The Turnmill Building, designed by Piercy & Company with Derwent London as a client, was completed in 2015. The exceptionally beautiful building is located in the historic Clerkenwell in London, and its architects and clients did an incredible job in both architectural design and adaptation to the environment. As you can see from the incredible images, the choice of materials was central to the outstanding result they achieved.

Among the many demands to be met throughout construction were that the building should live up to its predecessor on the site, a stable originally housing the London Underground workhorses, built in the late 1800s on several floors. And that the new building should adapt to the neighbouring listed Session House, built in 1780 in sandstone, in various shades of grey.

The award winning solution was to develop handmade Kolumba bricks in three bright shades, F56, F58, F59. The three bricks were then mixed together, creating the façade’s delicate, finely woven masonry. Incredibly, a total of 85,890 handmade bricks, including 27 special bricks, were produced for The Turnmill Building’s façade. And what a spectacular result it is.

For more information on Petersen bricks, please contact Robertson Building Products, the exclusive distributor of Petersen bricks in Australia, on +613 8199 9599.

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