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Ash Grey brick tiles beautifully complement Nine Yards’ Australian-inspired café design

Ash Grey brick tiles, on the floor at the Nine Yards Cafe

Located on the site of the heritage listed former horse stables in South Melbourne, Nine Yards Café is causing quite a stir, not only for its enticing, modern Australian menu, but for GOLDEN’s thoughtful and creative design.

The team’s brief was to deliver an engaging experience that marries food and setting. Through

immaculate attention to detail, this award-winning design team has certainly delivered. It’s a comfortable, warm and casual space that is equally suited to a daytime café or an evening restaurant.

“We love designing hospitality venues and when working with such wonderful and trusting clients, the overall process can result in something quite special,” remarks Kylie Dorotic, Director, GOLDEN.

Ash Grey brick floor tiles, Nine Yards Cafe

It is, indeed, special. It’s an authentic, yet modern interpretation of both site and context. Think terracotta-pink columns, floor-to-ceiling eucalyptus-green cabinets, a variety of Australian timbers, including a blackbutt timber island bench, as well as Ash Grey brick tiled floors. It’s simply overflowing with the iconic colours and textures of the Australian landscape, including an abundance of native flora and terrain in both bush and sea throughout the 140-seat space.

In fact, every inch of the space celebrates the Australian landscape, through raw and natural materials, paired with playful finishes. Most striking is local artist Louise Jones’ custom-printed Australiana upholstery for the banquette seating, featuring gum leaves, acacia blossoms and Blue Devil flowers against a bright yellow background.

“Referencing a strong Australiana theme, it was important to respect the heritage of the space and design an eatery with warmth and sophistication,” comments Alicia McKimm Director, GOLDEN.

And it does just that. Take, for instance, the Ash Grey brick tiles, which have been used before by GOLDEN on a number of projects: “We love the variation through the finish of the brick tiles. The speckling matte perfectly complements our desired colour palette creating the perfect warmth to the front of house,” says Alicia McKimm Director, GOLDEN.

Its unique aesthetic certainly sets Nine Yards café apart. Needless to say, the owners, who are known for running quality destination venues, are exceptionally happy. This creative, thoughtful design certainly ticks every box. In fact, GOLDEN is already in talks with the owners about working together on another venue. With the GOLDEN team at the helm, it’s sure to be special.

Ash Grey brick tiles on the floor at Nine Yards Cafe

Interior Design: GOLDEN

Photographer: Sharyn Cairns



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