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Handcrafted Krause Ghost bricks deliver an elegant, timeless façade at Hampden by RMA

Krause Ghost bricks at Hampden by RMA
Krause bricks are the hero of the palette at Hampden by RMA

Rob Mills designs spaces that fill his clients with joy. Hampden by RMA is no exception. This collection of nine large-scale private residences on a tree-lined corner in Armadale gave Rob as much joy designing them as they will give the owners who live in them, Rob included.


“I wanted to bring the same level of care to the apartments, Hampden by RMA, that we bring to the individual residences that I’ve created for years,” Rob says. “Hampden allowed me to do this,” explains Rob.


Designed and delivered by Rob Mills, Hampden by RMA has all the hallmarks of a typical Rob Mills design: intelligent design, healthy materials, crafted textures, enduring value, rich character and an intrinsic connection to land and location – in this case Armadale.


“Hampden’s architecture is unique; it looks different, and it has a rich history of architecture embedded within the design,” Rob says. “It’s gentle, it’s peaceful; Hampden couldn’t have been created anywhere else. It truly reflects the environment that it sits within.”


Krause Ghost bricks create magnificent arched windows
The facade's distinctive, deeply-set arches are magnificent

From its well-considered material palette, to the distinctive deeply set arched windows, and its striking curved facade, Hampden by RMA fits seamlessly within the context of Armadale, while delivering a fresh and unique approach to multi-residential design.


The external palette is simple and pure, pared back to brick and glass. Brickwork is the hero, used across the three-storey façade and fence, selected for its durability and fantastic thermal qualities.


Rob chose Krause bricks in a warm Ghost blend, “principally for their honest materiality, lovely colour and handcrafted texture. These bricks allowed me and my team to create arched, deeply-set windows, which deliver subtly changing shadows across the textured facade throughout the day.”


Using the Krause bricks and applying a wash over them sets the tone for the building and delivers an organic, beautiful and enduring presence to the village streetscape. And as Rob remarks, “from a practical standpoint, as a shared building, the use of bricks allows for minimal maintenance and a more sustainable lifespan.”


Krause Ghost bricks are treated with a special wash at Hampden by RMA
Krause bricks are treated with a wash to create an organic and enduring presence

Bricks are such a critical element offering significant value to the project, “allowing the quality – and indeed the soul – of the building to speak for itself.”


Inside, each residence contains every amenity you’d expect to find in a traditional family home: three generous bedrooms (each with ensuites), spacious living areas, large kitchens with butler pantries, and outdoor terraces. Each giving a sense of openness and room to move – something often lacking in an apartment.


Every residence is light and bright, enjoying morning sun and access to changing light throughout the day. A soft palette of earthy tones combines with this sunlight to create a beautiful warm glow.


Hampden by RMA showcases Rob Mills’ meticulous attention to detail, drawing upon the team’s “knowledge of single residences and apartment projects to create a building that is technologically advanced, sustainable and healthy to live in, for generations to come.”



Design and delivery:   Rob Mills Architecture

Builder:                     Co-Build

Product:                     Krause bricks in a warm Ghost blend

Bricklayer:                Melbourne Masonry Group

Photography:              Mark Roper



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