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Petersen K91 bricks add texture and interest to this amazing Hawthorn home

Petersen K91 handmade bricks

When David Neil, of Neil Architecture, set out to design a new residence in an established, leafy street in Melbourne’s Hawthorn, he wanted to create something truly special, and solid for his clients. Something that blended nicely into the surroundings, but that also gave it a true point of difference.

To do this, one of the first materials that came to David’s mind was brick. More specifically, Petersen’s K91 hand made bricks. As David says, “Bricks provide a wonderful textural appeal, particularly to this well established, leafy area.” Builder Vince Sainato, of TCM Building Group, agrees commenting that the, “Petersen bricks are an individual type of brick because being hand made, they’re not consistent and they do bring more to the elevation of the house, and help to individualise it.”

Petersen K91 handmade bricks

Of course, having used Petersen bricks before, David knows how well they work with natural materials to bring character, warmth and timeless beauty to a home. David adds, “We used Petersen K91 bricks with slate cladding, and the combination of the two gives it a beautiful earthy tone. It’s quite a dominant form, being a big house, but because of the materials it basically breaks down the scale. And using stone with texture in it, as well as the brickwork gives it a timeless quality.“

David used Petersen’s bricks on the building’s base, as well as the front fence and a wall in the home’s entry, which flows both inside and outside the home. You can see from the images that the interior/exterior wall is a wonderful design feature.

Most importantly, David’s clients couldn’t be happier. They are now fully enjoying their new space, really love the Petersen bricks, and the whole feel of their new home.

For more information on Petersen bricks, please contact Robertson’s Building Products on

+613 8199 9599.

Product: Petersen K91 bricks, 528 x 108 x 37mm

Photography: Hilary Bradford



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