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A curved wall of custom Poesia glass bricks takes centre stage at Dubai’s Joran concept store

Poesia handcast glass bricks

A world-first Jordan concept store opened in the Dubai Mall in July 2021. Combining basketball culture with modern design, its sports-focused layout creates a refined sensory space connecting the brand’s fans to the region’s artistic traditions.

NIKE, Inc.'s vision for the connected marketplace of the future sees the innate experience of a physical store combining with the intuitive solutions of digital shopping.

In addition to the latest footwear and clothing, the store includes interactive digital features, a dedicated in-store pickup point and fine art from a variety of artists. This encourages customers to explore the layout and appreciate the artwork — including that of Jason Seife, a Syrian-American artist who replicates the patterns of traditional Persian carpets onto canvas.

This time, however, Seife’s artwork appears on intricately painted backboards and basketballs, in the Jordan colour palette:

“It's exciting to see the line between design and art-making continue to blur thanks to projects like this,” says Seife. “Between artists like myself and Jordan Brand, we can create in-store experiences that highlight the products alongside the art, helping connect this cool relationship among artwork, inspiration and product excellence.”

Taking its main inspiration from the game of basketball, the store’s central feature is a solid cast glass area to display the shoes, the shape of which simulates the Chicago Bulls’ basketball arena where Michael Jordan played his most prolific career.

Made by Poesia Glass Studio, the unique curved wall includes smooth cast, clear, low iron glass bricks, made with a custom-mould and laid in a stack bond. A steel structure was built inside the glass bricks to hold up the long steel shelves that curve around the glass brickwork.

Poesia developed 3D and 1:1 scale mockups for Nike before implementation. This attention to detail is all part of the Poesia offering, enabling their team to deliver projects of the calibre you see in the Jordan store, and indeed in the growing number of Poesia projects across the globe.

Robertson’s Building Products is proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor for Poesia glass bricks. For more information on Poesia glass bricks, please visit our Glass Brick page or, better still, visit our showroom to see the full range of glass bricks available.

Architect: Nike and Joran designers

Product: Poesia smooth cast glass bricks, Clear, 246mm x 116m x 53mm

Photography: Courtesy Nike



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