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Petersen Kolumba™ bricks set the benchmark for quality at New Street Townhouses

Petersen Kolumba bricks at New Street Townhouses

To be a cut above, every successful development needs a point of difference. For New Street Townhouses in Hawthorn, it’s quality. In design, finishes and workmanship.

The brain child of Prime Urban Group (ex-builders known for originality and excellence) and NTF Architects (renowned for well-considered, collaborative designs) – quality is its hallmark.

These six contemporary residences–for owner-occupiers looking to downsize–are designed to provide the ultimate in luxury living. More like individual homes than townhouses, they offer privacy, generously sized, light-filled rooms, a courtyard-sized cantilevered balcony, private internal lift, and a two car garage, all in a quiet, leafy location.

The sense of quality, sophistication and refinement begins at the street front with a muted palette – led by handmade Petersen Kolumba™ (K91) bricks, along with black aluminium cladding and white render.

Handmade Petersen Kolumba bricks at New Street

“When looking at that front area and looking to make a point of difference in the market, the choice of Petersen Kolumba™ bricks was a really good one. It put a nice solid base on the townhouses,” remarks Brett Nixon, Director, NTF Architecture.

“And there’s a real honesty to using a quality brick – you see what you’re getting. People look at it and see that it’s not cheap, so it sets a really good tone for the quality, which the development is all about. And Prime Urban could see they were a value add … and that takes commitment from a client to see value in good quality products.”

Handmade Petersen Kolumba bricks K91
Handmade Kolumba bricks from Petersen Tegl - K91 bricks

Given the size of the site, which could have been wider in the perfect world, NTF Architecture designed a horizontal base for the building to give the impression of width, accentuated by the Petersen Kolumba™ bricks, with their long, low profile.

Each dwelling offers a unique sense of address with all the luxuries and space of a single dwelling. “The floor plate feels quite wide like a normal house – when people walk into the main living area it doesn’t feel like you’re in a small terrace house. And given that the purchasers were coming from larger homes, that sense of space was important,” Brett remarks. Highlighting that sense of space, Grey Tundra stone runs from inside to out, the doors sliding back and the main living areas spilling out onto a generous north-facing balcony. This sense of space, and drawing the outside in, makes this design a standout, and such a beautiful place to live.

Not surprisingly, the townhouses sold within five weeks of listing. And it’s all thanks to that critical point of difference – quality in design, materials and workmanship – delivered by a team who clearly understood who would live in them and what was of value and importance to them. And that made all the difference.

Developer: Prime Urban Group

Architect: NTF Architecture

Builder: Buildcept

Photographer: Dave Kulesza



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