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Krause Emperor bricks’ warm, earthy tones are a natural fit at Edition Toorak

Krause Emperor Bricks, Grey/Ghost, Edition Toorak front facae

Edition is more than an elegant offering in the heart of Toorak. It’s a one-of-a-kind building in its location, containing three contemporary residences, each with distinct character, which present all the amenity potential owners would expect in a standalone home in this verdant Melbourne suburb.

Cera Stribley and Samuel Property, the creative minds behind Edition Toorak, ably supported by Flux Construction and Jack Merlo Landscape Design, prove a formidable team in delivering timeless, meaningful spaces that inspire good living.

With a clear design intent to provide generous places to live–in space, volume and quality–Edition has more than delivered. Indeed it offers more than a generous arrangement of spaces, affording occupants a genuine sense of privacy in its urban environment.

Forward thinking, thoughtful design makes Edition Toorak a clear standout.

The form of the building responds to its immediate surrounds, interpreting formal architypes of buildings in the neighbourhood and taking cues from the curves of the nearby Yara River.

“Edition’s built form is exactly how we intended; there’s strength in the materiality but a softness to the finished product that welcomes the owner to impart their own sense of personality, creating something meaningful beyond the physical attributes,” says Dom Cerantonio, Cera Stribley co-founder and lead architect on Edition.

Krause Emperor Bricks, Edition Toorak, external facade

But even its physical attributes alone are spectacular.

“The architecture is purposefully classic, its contemporary façade, an exercise in proportion with a symmetry and attention to detail that allow true material expression. This formality is countered by the decision to use handcrafted bricks for the façade, spliced by the expressed concrete lintels, which bring an honesty and elegance to the building,” continues Dom.

The external material palette is natural and earthy, its colours and shapes matching the Yarra’s landscape beautifully. Krause Emperor bricks in Ghost Grey being case in point, prefect to task for their shape, size and colour:

“The size and shape of the Krause bricks have allowed curves in the façade – in particular the entry, as well as a sleek appearance for the orthogonal portion of the building. And the colour is a warm tone of earth that aligns and connects with the uniquely Australian colours along the riverbank,’ explains Dom.

Krause Grey/Ghost bricks, curved entrance, Edition Toorak

Bluestone paving and bronze metalwork on the windows and doorframes, as well as folded metal cladding on the top floor completes the external palette. The robust yet muted palette continues inside, with French Oak timber flooring in similar hues to warm grey tones of the Krause bricks, soft coloured marble, polished plaster and weathered brass.

The design layouts of each residence are forward thinking and progressive. Every component is meticulously designed to complement the lives of the prospective owners. Of course, each residence offering everything you’d want in a standalone home, as well as a 13-car garage underneath for the three apartments, seven of which are exclusively dedicated to The Sky Residence, Edition’s three-storey penthouse. Sitting on top of the building The Sky Residence is extraordinary, offering even more amenity than the average standalone home, with four bedrooms (including luxurious master suite), a home office, multiple living spaces, wine storage, drop pool on the balcony, spiral staircase and the seven car garage ­– all in a lock and leave apartment. Every comfort imaginable minus the maintenance and responsibility of owning an entire block.

As Dom so aptly concludes, “Private open space, orientation, alongside curving and enveloping interiors with highly resolved spatial planning are at the fore of this apartment building; it really makes for a rockstar home.”

Romy Jackson, Samuel Property’s Development Director, is equally thrilled with the outcome, noting that specifications, interiors and build quality exceed general market expectations of how people view themselves in a larger residence:

“In terms of appreciation within the industry, we’ve received significant praise from peers for not delivering a product that is akin to others in the market - but rather raising the standards, pushing the boundaries, and pursuing the best design outcomes possible.”

High, yet well-deserved, praise for Edition Toorak because it really is a standout design and build.

Architect and Interiors: Cera Stribley

Developer: Samuel Property

Landscape Design: Jack Merlo

Photographer: Timothy Kaye

Special thanks: Space Furniture, Hub Furniture



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