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Petersen bricks create a love story with a happy ending for a sophisticated home in Hawthorn

Petersen Kolumba bricks, K55 bricks

To create a simple, elegant house that sat respectfully within a heritage context among magnificent, well-established trees in Hawthorn, using natural materials was an easy decision for David Neil, Director, Neil Architecture. For the Hawthorn house it was timber, copper and bricks. In such a peaceful, quiet setting, one of the strongest design elements was to use a brick wall that linked the courtyard with the inside of the house, and out, creating a continuous flow.

When it became obvious that the initial brick selected wouldn’t deliver the sophisticated, elegant result David sought, he quickly sourced an alternative. Fortunately David didn’t have to look far. And it goes without saying that Petersen bricks saved the day in a case of love at first sight for both architect and client.

“We all went and had a look at the bricks, and fell in love. We loved everything about them – the colour, the size and the format. It was clearly the most perfect material and we were all just over the moon,” describes David on seeing Petersen’s K55 bricks from the Kolumba™ range. Adding, “To this day we’re obsessed with these bricks. We love them and will keep using them.”

Petersen K55 bricks, Hawthorne House

Petersen bricks have a unique, soft, earthy feel, and are quite textural, creating a stunning effect inside the house. It’s a handcrafted effect that simply can’t be achieved with manufactured bricks. Along with the scale of the long skinny bricks, they produce what can only be described as an amazing piece of art. As David says, and you can see, “It’s just such a beautiful thing to look at, it’s just magnificent.”

Not only do the bricks look magnificent as a standalone feature, they beautifully complement other natural materials. In the Hawthorn house, they play in perfect harmony with the timber cabinetry creating a purely wonderful space for the owners to live amongst.

The most important thing, of course, is that David’s clients love the house, too. Particularly the Petersen bricks. “They are thrilled with the result and even though they cost a little more, they’re happy with every cent they spent on the Petersen bricks,” explains David.

So watch this space. Because you’re sure to see many more projects evolving from David Neil’s portfolio using the diverse range of Petersen bricks. Because he just loves them. They create a real difference. And just look at the stunning result David achieves.

Handmade Petersen Kolumba bricks, Hawthorn House

Product: Petersen K55 bricks, 528 x 108 x 37mm

Photography: Hilary Bradford

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