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What's happening at Petersen?

There's never a dull moment at Petersen Tegl. This highly successful business continues to win many accolades for its handcrafted bricks. Most recently in April a house designed by R21 architects, using Petersen's D96 and C96 bricks, won the prestigious Norwegian Masonry Award. And earlier in January Petersen received DI's Initiative Award, a coveted recognition presented by HRH Prince Joachim at the Danish Industry's annual conference for small and medium sized enterprises in the House of Industry in Copenhagen. The award acknowledged Petersen's "several hundred years of experience, knowledge and craftsmanship within our era" and its "unique ability to see opportunities and put words in to action. It makes things a little better and different than others, and has the courage to try new things," remarked the Prince.

You can find out more about these awards, and everything else that Petersen has been up to in two easy ways:

1. Bookmark the Petersen news link in your browser using: You'll easily and quickly keep up to date with new Petersen products and innovations, providing you with endless inspiration for your next building project.

Petersen news

2. Subscribe to The Petersen - the bi-annual online or hard copy Petersen magazine, by clinking on this link here. Or simply download a copy here. This popular magazine has a world-wide circulation of 100,000, and the most recent edition (Number 34) featuring Christian A. Petersen in a birthday special, celebrating 225 years in business for Petersen and his 75th birthday this June.

Petersen magazine

Or for more information, simply contact your friendly Robertson's Building Products team on

+613 8199 9599.

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