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Award-winning Petersen bricks turn heads in Norway

Last year’s prestigious Norwegian Masonry Award was presented to a housing project, designed by architects R21, about 8 km west of Oslo.

This award, though simple in its aim – to stimulate and develop the use of good masonry in Norwegian buildings – is prestigious in its receipt.

Norsk Murforum / Byggutengrenser in cooperation with the Norwegian architects’ national federation selected as the winner two square blocks situated on Furulundsveien in Ullern. The buildings are located near a timber house from 1962 on a hilly site with large, old pine trees. The architects chose brick to create a clear distinction between the new buildings and the existing villa. The masonry is of course Petersen’s D96 in different bonds and reliefs to create a play of shadows and to break down the buildings’ volumes. The balconies are clad with Petersen’s C96, to emphasise them as lighter elements.

Jury leader, Ole H. Krokstrand, commented at his speech at the award ceremony, "This year the jury received a record number of proposals for the Masonry Award. Eventually we chose the housing project on Furulundsveien, which is distinguished by outstanding architecture, superb craftsmanship, and clever adaptation to the environment."

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