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Krause Bricks perfectly reflect the rich heritage of Eastern Valley Golf Course’s Club House

With a design intent to engage with the natural world with a harmonious choice of building materials and subdued colour selection, it’s no surprise that Buxton Constructions selected Krause 50mm Jarrah bricks for Eastern Valley Golf Course’s new clubhouse in 2015.

Located in Yering, in Victoria’s picturesque Yarra Valley, the clubhouse captures the magnificent views across the golf course. And the stately country house design sits unobtrusively among the golf course and Yarra Valley setting, fitting the established informal character of the previous clubhouse at Doncaster.

Material choice was always critical to the architects and club, to accurately reflect the club’s relaxed and inviting personality. And, while architects Perron Lyon Mathieson had specified a specific brick, Paul Bianchi of Buxton Constructions swiftly changed to Krause bricks, once he saw the colour, the price and, most importantly, when realised they were made by Krause Bricks – a local, family business that’s been making traditional, boutique bricks for over 70 years.

The result is spectacular. Krause’s Jarrah bricks not only perfectly suit the building’s personality and character, but they also reflect Eastern Valley Golf Club’s rich heritage.

Its members, their families and guests have been enjoying this well used clubhouse for some time, and it looks as elegant and inviting today as it did two years ago, sitting harmoniously in the immediate and surrounding landscape.

For more information on this project or Krause Bricks please contact Robertson’s Building Products on (03) 8199 9599.

Product: Krause 50mm Jarrah brick

Architect: Perrot Lyon Mathieson

Builder: Buxton Constructions



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