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Petersen bricks add a unique touch and stunning result to an East Melbourne home

A dividing wall isn’t just a dividing wall when Petersen bricks are involved. It becomes a standout feature of your garden, offering the perfect balance of privacy from your neighbours, while creating a beautiful feature and an endless talking point that complements the style and age of your home.

Homeowner Glenda McNaught couldn’t agree more, having recently completed a renovation, which included building a new dividing wall on the boundary of her terrace in East Melbourne. When Glenda began her renovation journey, she was seeking a brick that was light in colour, but offered some variation in colour to add interest to the end result. When Inarc architects introduced Glenda to the Petersen D78 handcrafted bricks, Glenda didn’t ever look back.

Petersen D78 bricks, East Melbourne

Glenda loved everything about the Petersen bricks, from the slight variations in colour, to the quality and unique size, commenting that, “The Petersen bricks are really great quality, and the colour is just lovely.” What Glenda likes most, and what many who’ve seen them agree, is that they are just so beautiful and look like they’ve been there forever. And that’s part of the appeal of these unique, handcrafted bricks.

Most importantly, Glenda couldn’t be more thrilled with the result saying, “They are just exactly what I wanted and I’m a very happy girl!” It’s comments like this that not only brings music to the ears of Christian A. Petersen, Petersen bricks’ seventh generation owner, but also keeps his customers coming back for more.

Architect: Inarc Architects

Product: Petersen D78 bricks (228x108x54mm)

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