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Kurrajong bricks hit the mark for a brilliantly designed home in Melbourne

As a builder, Trevor Hoyle has seen many housing designs come to life throughout his career. So when it came to building his own home, he had a distinctive style and design that he and his family were looking for.

With the help of Caroline Vernon of CVA Architects in Kew, and his own building expertise, Trevor was off to a perfect start. Caroline created a clever masterpiece, designing two houses adjacent to one another on the one block, cleverly optimising the use of space. The entire building’s design was complex, covering three floors (including a basement car park complete with internal lift). So the choice of builder was important (fortunately Trevor was available) as was the choice of brick for the external walls and fencing to suit the intricate design.

In all of his years as a builder, Trevor has seen plenty of bricks laid to build a house. But for his own home, he wanted something special. Something that would add character and difference to what would become his family’s dream home. Fast forward through an 18 month build, and Trevor and his family couldn’t be happier.

Choosing the right brick was a stress-free and simple process. The Kurrajong 50mm specially made bricks stood out a mile as the perfect fit. Because they suited the style of the house and offered a different texture and size to most others he’d seen, helping to set his home apart from others on the street. And, as you can see, the end result in simply stunning.

For more information about this project, please contact Robertson’s Building Products on +613 8199 9599.

Builder: Trevor Hoyle, Cazcorp

Architect: Caroline Vernon, CVA Architects

Product: Kurrajong 50mm

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