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Petersen makes brick selection incredibly easy for homeowners in Melbourne’s Toorak

Love at first sight. That’s the only way to describe the reaction when builder, Bear Agushi, introduced Petersen’s D91 handmade bricks to his clients when they were preparing to build a new home in Melbourne’s Toorak.

Toorak Home, Petersen Bricks

When it comes to Petersen bricks, one thing’s for sure: they truly stand out from the crowd. Bear had never heard of, or used, Petersen bricks before, but they caught his eye when he drove past a newly renovated house near his home. That’s just what they do. Turn heads. Literally stop people in their tracks. And set your project apart.

When Bear showed them to his clients, their choice of brick for their new home was a swift, yet firm decision. And it was an easy decision, purely based on aesthetic appeal, particularly Petersen bricks’ unique colour range, and their non-uniform shape. As Bear says, “We loved the fact that it’s not a uniform brick, because it’s hand made, complete with thumb prints, so you get that amazing look, and that’s what makes it so different.”

It’s every builder’s dream to recommend a product, have your client instantly fall in love with it, and then absolutely love the end result for years to come. It seems that this was the case for this elegant house in Toorak. Because according to Bear, “The number one thing my clients most love about their house is the bricks. They simply love the bricks more than anything else.” And when you see the images of the finished product, it’s not hard at all to understand why.

For more information on this project or Petersen bricks, please contact Robertson’s Building Products on +613 8199 9599.

Builder: Bear Agushi

Product: Petersen D91 bricks, 228 x 108 x 54mm

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