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Sophisticated material choice & clever courtyard design creates a spectacular result in Templestowe

Krause Emperor Bricks, Templestowe Lower house

A central courtyard sits at the heart of this home’s clever design, by Figr Architecture & Design, with a sheltered outdoor space blurring the line between outdoors and in, creating ample light, open space and an instant sense of privacy and tranquillity.

Views from the lush green courtyard abound to the open plan living and dining areas, the kitchen and almost every room in the house.

But it’s the clever material selection that really sets this unique home apart. For instance, the rich silvertop ash ceiling battens, running throughout the entire communal space and extending to the external canopies, the elongated Krause Emperor Bricks in Mid Range Tan, as well as the contrasting white concrete flooring all provide a sophisticated combination.

Krause Emperor Bricks, in Mid Range Tan, feature both outside, integrating with the surrounding residences, and on the home’s interior lining the entryway and creating a series of colonnades, broken by light filled windows.

This spectacular home was recently showcased in Contemporist. For more information on this project or Krause Bricks, please contact Robertson’s Building Products on +61 3 8199 9599.

Product: Krause Emperor Bricks, Mid Range Tan,

380 x 110 x 45mm

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