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Krause bricks add quality and permanence to this superb home in Armadale

Krause Grampian Blue Bricks, Armadale

If you happen to be wandering around Armadale, you’d be hard pressed to walk or drive by Sutherland Road without stopping to admire the intricate design and immaculate construction of this new home. At first glance, it’s the combination of finishes that really sets it apart: a beautiful palette of Krause Grampian Blue bricks, radial sawn Silver Ash cladding and custom painted steel shrouds on the window surrounds.

But when you look more closely, it becomes immediately apparent that Krause bricks truly are the keystone of this home’s great design.

Simon Knott, Director, BKK Architects says, “Bricks were one of the most important choices in the material palette because they play a really important role in the way you experience the house, and they’re really a big part of it.”

BKK’s design intent for this renovation was centred around providing a home for this family for the future, as they’ve lived there for some time now.

Simon adds, “Having a brick home provides a feeling of permanence about it, and it’s also

something domestic, that people are quite familiar with.”

Having not specified Krause bricks before, Simon is now an instant convert: “I really like the quality of the bricks. They’ve got a fantastic warmth about them, and there’s a great quality to them. You can tell that they’re really well put together. They’re also darker but they’ve got good variation across them, which gives them a really warm feeling.”

And, excitingly, what you see on the external facade is really just a tempter to what’s going on inside. Because, thanks to Rendina Bricklaying, Krause’s Grampian Blue bricks have been masterfully laid to create a striking curved wall, tightly wrapping itself around a stunning feature stairway.

Sutherland House is clever design all the way, with quality and permanence a central theme. And, when it comes to the choice of brick, we’d have to wholeheartedly agree with Simon – they do “look absolutely beautiful on the house”.

Architects: BKK Architects

Bricks: Krause Grampian Blue, 230x110x76mm

Brick layers: Rendina Bricklaying

For more information on this project, or Krause Bricks, please call Robertson's Building Products on +61 8199 9599.

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