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Petersen bricks, concrete and aluminium create a stunning forever home in Caulfield

Petersen D55 and K55 bricks, Caulfield House

Caulfield House is fresh start. A contemporary house designed for a downsizing couple who didn’t want to move to an apartment, but were looking for a low maintenance, easy living ‘forever’ home. One in which they could readily entertain and have the flexibility for grandchildren or guests to stay, in an almost independent space.

Avi Milder Architects’ thoughtful design is simple, yet highly effective in delivering on that and more.

Set around a north-facing courtyard, this three-bedroom home delivers everything two people need on the one level: A light-filled, open plan kitchen, living and dining room, along with a master bedroom, complete with ensuite and study, which can be sealed off from the living area by a sliding door.

A fairly well concealed stairwell off the hall leads to the top floor, which will serve as home to grandchildren or other visitors, offering two bedrooms, a TV room, bathroom and separate WC.

“We designed this as a courtyard house. It faces north so everything hangs around the courtyard, giving the owners privacy. And we put the extra bedrooms and everything else you’re not using on a daily basis upstairs, so they’re out of the way,” explains Avi Milder, Director, Avi Milder Architects.

Petersen K55 and D55 bricks, Caulfield House

Apart from its efficient design, the material palette makes Caulfield House a standout, including a beautiful combination of Petersen bricks, concrete and an aluminium that looks remarkably like copper.

“We knew we wanted a contemporary home, so face bricks were a definite. The Petersen D55 and handmade Kolumba™ (K55) bricks are just fantastic. They’re among the best looking bricks on the market at the moment. And using the combination of the two sizes means that you use the same materials to get that different finish on the walls, and they look fabulous,” Avi says.

Using a combination of the K55 and D55 bricks meant working alongside Omnicon to get just the result they were looking for. “We wanted to make sure it looked just right so we made up some samples to work out the size of the joint, and to see whether they would be raked or flush,” Avi comments.

A slightly raked joint has produced a beautifully textured façade that combines so well with the concrete and aluminium, each complementing, yet also contrasting with the other to create a stunning result. While the Petersen bricks have been used on the façade itself, Avi brought the concrete and aluminium inside as well for a more polished, contemporary look.

Avi is to be congratulated for delivering a spacious and modern, yet suitably compact home that will age even more beautifully over time. Best of all for Avi, the owners couldn’t be happier in their forever home and, in the end, that’s what it’s really all about.

Product: Petersen D55 (228 x 108 x 54mm) Petersen K55 (528 x 108 x 37mm) bricks



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