Poesia Studio designs and manufactures handmade cast glass bricks in Italy. Poesia is the Italian word for poetry, capturing the unique custom-designed nature of these quality, transparent coloured glass bricks.


Poesia was founded in Murano by a master glass maker who explored the use of hand-casted glass techniques to make bricks for his home. Since then, Poesia has created cast glass and custom-made glass brick designs, beginning with the Crystal House in Amsterdam in 2016, demonstrating to architects and designers, worldwide, the innovative design possibilities of this sophisticated product.


Robertson's Building Products is a key Australian distributor of Poesia, and will work with you from the initial stages of your project to delivery, advising on the best way to approach your cast glass or custom-made glass brick projects. 

Quality, Poesia cast glass bricks

Poesia handmade glass bricks come in a range of colours, textures and finishes, and are available in two brick sizes: European and Australian.


Robertson's Building Products stocks clear, smooth cast glass bricks in both European size (246 x 116 x 53mm) and Australian size (230 x 110 x 76mm), both available with half pieces to suit your needs.  And, we order additional colours and textures for you as needed.


Visit our Melbourne showroom to see samples of the wide range of Poesia glass bricks on offer.

Mottled glass brick colours

All of the following bricks are available to order.

Mottled glass brick projects

Satin glass brick colours

Smooth cast glass brick projects

We stock clear, smooth cast Poesia glass bricks in Australian (230 x 110 x 76mm) and European (246 x 116 x 53mm) sizes, both with half pieces to suit. You can see coloured  samples in our showroom. 

Polished glass bricks

Custom glass brick projects

Cast glass brick cladding projects

Poesia glass bricks are readily cast in place as cladding for walls, from entire elevations to small areas. The dynamic and flexible nature of this unique product is yet another design solution at your disposal.